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Psychologist - Danny Blackford

Hi, I'm Danny! I help organisations identify and make the best use of their people's skills...

I am past chair of the Central Gippsland Branch and Victorian Political Liaison Officer for the Australian Psychological Society.

I have provided counseling and support for bereaved parents in association with SIDS & KIDS Victoria (nee The Sudden Infant Death Research Foundation) and I have previously worked for National Corporations and Welfare Agencies, taught Psychology at Monash University, and still actively research in the area of social processing problems, recently completing a Masters Degree in Mental Health Science through Monash University's School of Psychology & Psychiatry.

I have visited educational facilities in the United Kingdom and undertaken specific training in assessment and diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders (Pam Langford Psychological Services) including behavioural interventions and modifications (Tony Attwood).

I have previously provided services to the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS), the Department of Workplace Relationships (DEWR) Victims Assistance Service, Transport Accident Corporation, Victoria WorkCover Authority, Catholic Education Office, Department Of Education & Training, the Division of General Practioners.

My Approach

"The mentally tough person tends to be sociable and outgoing; being able to remain calm and relaxed, they are competitive in many situations and have lower anxiety levels than others. With a high sense of self-belief and unshakeable faith that they control their own destiny, these individuals can remain relatively unaffected by competition or adversity."
My practice has increasingly involved working with both children and parents experiencing the effects of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Experience indicates that Autism Spectrum Disorder, this phenomenon, is largely unrecognised and misunderstood. Early diagnosis, knowledge and practical management of this condition are essential.
Management components include behavioural awareness and modification in conjunction with specific learning strategies. This process should be integrated into an overall therapeutic intervention that is both sensitive to the needs of the person and their carers.
Many people experiencing ASD's have been largely stigmatized and/or ostracised. A reappraisal of the occurrence and effect of ASD's should result in a far more positive and progressive outcome for those affected.

My Experience

~ Life, in itself, is an experience ~

Bachelor of Art Social Science; Graduate Diploma of Psychology; Master of Mental Health Science


Accredited Parenting Program Provider, working extensively with children who have learning difficulties and behavioural problems commonly linked to an Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Registered Psychologist


The Team & Our Vision

Behind the scenes I have an amazing team working hard on developing more courses, events, workshops and materials to assist individuals, carers, families and schools.

Our vision is to create a space for open communication, advocacy, understanding and strategies that Autistic families can implement into their everyday life.

Another most important goal here at Behaviour Solutions, is to educate the wider community on how to adapt and understand. There is more than the behaviour of ASD .... deep down there are many sensory, cognitive, social, emotional and motoric complexities.

We look forward to sharing these developments with you, so stay tuned!!

Behaviour Solutions

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